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                                                                                                                                              1 September 2010


To everyone who appreciates  Ragamala Nada Yoga


Ladies and gentlemen,


Last summer we have witnessed how Klaas and Tjeerd, with the help of quite a number of volunteers, made Ragamala Nada Yoga in Groningen a success.

We have been able to see a number of abolute top artists from India at the Leegeweg 4a and we hope, of course, that we will be able to enjoy this kind of performances the coming year again.

In 2009 I have started the “Friends of Ragamala Nada Yoga” in order to try to spread the financial risks of these concerts over a lager group of people. In the previous season the Friends of Ragamala Nada Yoga have accomplished a significant start with 23 members. The initiators of Ragamla Nada Yoga and I thank everyone who joined very much for this effort.


“Friends of Ragamala Nada Yoga” is a guarantee fund. This is how it works: it’s a payment on account for the season’s concerts. Different from last year, this concerns only the present season, regardless the moment you join in. Your fee is based on the number of concerts to come during this season, multiplied by  €5,- (4 concerts are planned for this season) .

If you attend the concert you’ll get €5,- reduction. If you can’t attend, you have kindly contributed € 5,- for the organisation costs to make this concert possible. This way you accept a small risk but you reduce the risk for the people behind Ragamala Nada Yoga.


In addition to the contribution for the concerts Ragamala Nada Yoga offer their friends something. Ragamala Nada Yoga organize a lecture once a year, which is free for “Friends of

Ragamala Nada Yoga”. Next to this, Ragamala Nada Yoga offer a CD with Indian music once a year (under the supervision of these experts it will be a pleasant surprise again).


Do you want this package deal (concerts, lecture and CD) Then you just remit €10,- and €5,- for every upcoming concert of this season on the bank account of K. Bouma (Ragamala Nada Yoga) : 365046973 .

In addition to this, please, send an e-mail with your name and address to, stating that you have joined the “Friends of Ragamala Nada Yoga”. We will then provide you with a list of “Friends of Ragamala Nada Yoga”members.


In return Ragamala Nada Yoga will guarantee that your subscription for a concert has priority up to 3 weeks in advance.Of course, there is still a chance that a concert appears to be sold out. This has actually never happened 3 weeks in advance of a concert, but in case that this situation occurs unexpectedly, you will get €10,- reduction at the next concert you attend.


Together with the government grant, this will support Ragamala Nada Yoga sufficiently to build a solid financial foundation without a personal financial risk for anyone. The guarantee fund spreads the financial risk with a relatively small deposit of everyone who appreciates Ragamala Nada Yoga.

Your enrolment is valid for the current season only; after that we will ask you to enroll again, without any obligation on your side.


A donation

Tjeerd and Klaas let me know that any donation, big or small, is always most welcome.

And... if you have any questions, ideas or anything else, please, send me an e-mail:


Kind regards,


Dominicus Brouwer