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RAGAMALA-NADA-YOGA-Groningen is a foundation dedicated to promoting and keeping alive the interest in Indian classical music. The idea stems from a continued rise in interest and enthusiasm with regards to classical Indian music. RAGAMALA-NADA-YOGA-Groningen wants to give something back to the movement and hopefully increase the interest still further.


It all began in 2008 when Klaas Bouma visited the Indian music festival Saptak in India. There he discovered musicians mingling with numerous volunteers, donors and enthusiastic music lovers who together were succeeding in keeping alive the interest in this type of music. They were utilising the festival a music school and an enormous library with a tremendous amount of written information and a wealth of recorded music.


One of the driving forces behind RAGAMALA-NADA-YOGA-Groningen is Tjeerd Folmer, board member, musician and ardent fan of Asiatic and esp. Indian music. An army of very dedicated volunteers has selflessly given their time and energy to the foundation and helped to realize this unique and new podium for classical Indian music in Groningen. All volunteers are invited to have their say in the organisation of tasks that have to be carried out in order to maintain the very high standards of involvement and enthusiasm necessary to keep RAGAMALA-NADA-YOGA-Groningen on target.


Jan Kuiper, the well known guitarist in the northern counties, is on hand at the start of each concert to give a short history and to explain the principles of Indian classical music. Jan Kuiper is well versed in Indian classical music and has played several times with musicians involved in this kind of music.


Tjeerd Folmer and Klaas Bouma / Groningen 11-07-2008.



The aims of the RAGAMALA-NADA-YOGA-Groningen foundation


The advancement of musical and spiritual exchange between Indian classical musicians and potential public interest regarding not only the Hindustani (northern) variation but also the Carnati (southern) variation and to a lesser extent folk and fusion. Through uniting musicians and public alike RAGAMALA-NADA-YOGA-Groningen aims to achieve the following:


  1. Offering a small scale podium showing four concerts per year.

  2. Working together to find volunteers to help maintain the goals of RAGAMALA-NADA-YOGA-Groningen.

  3. The production of a mailing circular and the posting of flyers.

  4. Setting up an website with information and useful links.

  5. In the near future a network of small venues throughout Holland, Belgium and Germany that operates in a supportive capacity by arranging house concerts that help to reach similar audiences and ideals pertaining Indian classical music.

  6. Keeping costs low so as to ensure that enough money is available to show a degree of appreciation to the musicians. Profit making is not part of the RAGAMALA-NADA-YOGA-Groningen philosophy.


Footnote: the first concert was held at the end of 2008.