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Ramneek Singh zingt in de klassiek Noord Indiase Indore stijl die bekend is van Ustad Amir Khan en zij heeft les gehad van een directe leerling van deze meester. Ook heeft zij les gehad van een directe leerling van Bimsen Joshi. Ramneek Singh, oorspronkelijk uit New Delhi, woont en geeft les in Toronto en zij zingt naast klassieke stijl, lichtere Indiase (klassieke) muziekstijlen. De Indore stijl waarin zij zingt heeft een sufi-element en vormt met de andere stijlen een geweldige combinatie.


Ramneek Singh: belonging to the illustrious Indore Gharana known for none other than her glorious grand guru, the legendary Ustad Amir Khan sahib. Performing widely across the globe, she is originally from New Delhi, residing in Toronto for many years teaching vocal music.  She performs many different genres with ease such as Khayal, Thumri, Hori, Shabad-Gurbani, Bhajan, Sufiana-Folk to name a few and also showcasing some unique work representing two great sufiana poets, Amir Khusrau and Kabir. She has composed some unique sufiana based compositions in Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi besides her forte which is ati vilambit khayal. She has also developed a unique style of Classical based Shabad Gurbani.

Ramneek was introduced to Indian Classical music at the age of 6 and then has learnt from many stalwarts of "Indore Gharana", namely Vidushi Amarjeet Kaur, senior disciple of" Ustad Amir Khan Sahib" and "Pt. Amarnath ji". She briefly learnt from Pt. Vinayak Torvi, a senior disciple of Pt. Bhimsen Joshi.  She has worked very hard to master the intricacies of this utmost serene and meditatative Amir Khani style of vocal presentation. Ramneek's unique voice quality and years of riyaaz have won her many an acclaim and leave a mark in the heart of those who experience her concerts.


She has widely performed in US, Canada, UK, Belgium, and India and has also performed for the famed "Shri Harivallabh Sangeet Samaroh", Jallandar, which is the oldest running festival in the world. She was invited to perform for the prestigious "Tansen Samaroh" in Gwalior, in December 2013.


In North America, she has performed  in Washington, NYC, New Jersey, Boston, Rhode Island, California,  Philadelphia, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Victoria, Vancouver, Thunder Bay, to name a few. In UK, she has performed in prestigious organizations in Leeds, Leicester, London, Illford and others. In India, she has performed at the Swarmayee Gurukul (Pune), Kolkatta, Delhi, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Jalandar, Gwalior, Mumbai and many other cities.  She was recently invited to perform at the Indian Consulate, Toronto for the Independence Day celebrations and recently performed for the Indian Consulate, Vancouver BC in September 2014.


She was awarded "Women’s Hero Award 2014" in Toronto for her contribution to Indian Classical music and nominated for the "Voice" newspaper 2014. She has been awarded the DD (Dancing Damsels, a Canada based organization) Women's Achievers award 2015. 



“Ramneek’s greatest asset is her voice….fresh and sweet.  Her range is commendable, spanning almost three octaves” - Bandana Malhotra, The Hindustan Times



She teaches classical vocal music to many students, in the Indore Gharana style, in Toronto. She has taught for many years at the famed "Learn Quest Academy of Music", Boston and has been invited to do lec-dem at MIT. 


Ramneek has 3 CD's to her credit, namely, "Ibaadat", Naad" by "Bihaan Music", (both classical based), and her latest, "Gobind Naam, released by "Mystica Music" in May 2013, which is a classical based Gurbani CD. She will be releasing 2 more CDs in 2018, by the name of “Saanjh”, & “Bandishen“, which have been recently recorded. 


Ramneek has had the good fortune of singing in the highly acclaimed movie by "Deepa Mehta", called "The Midnight's Children", released in 2012.


Ramneek is an empanelled artist of ICCR. 




Ganesh Ramnath is in Nederland opgeleid in zowel tabla en zang, waardoor hij Ramneek Singh muzikaal uitstekend kan begeleiden.